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Everyone has an experience of pain – physical or emotional. It is so great if you have someone beside, someone who can support, help to relieve that pain. Currently our support is vital for persons who live with permanent pain, for their family members who suffer, having no opportunity to help their dearest. Their pain can be stopped. Please sign this letter to the President of Ukraine.

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Support groups

Patients and their family members support groups start their work currently. If you or your friends need such type of support, please contact the projects’ mangers in the cities:

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Access to pain relief in Ukraine

Annually almost 428,000 people in Ukraine need pain treatment and palliative care to relieve the symptoms of incurable diseases, according to “The Uncontrolled Pain” survey (2011) findings, the survey conducted by the international Human Rights Watch NGO.

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  • Support the right to life without pain – sign the letter to the President at

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What may change the situation

Drug availability

Registration of tableted morphine.

For decades tableted (oral) morphine has remained a gold standard to treat pain. It is included into the WHO Essential Medicines List, meaning that tableted morphine is the most efficient, safe and affordable medication.

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Health policy

Improving the regulations on control and circulation of opioid analgesics. Striving to stop illicit drug trafficking, Ukraine has introduced strict regulations to control the storage, supply and accounting of narcotic drugs, including opioid analgesics.

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Training healthcare professionals

Education, training and continued education for healthcare staff should be conducted in accordance with current international healthcare standards and pain relief practices , in particular with WHO recommendations on chronic pain management. This entails mandatory introduction of palliative care and pain management courses into curricula of medical universities both at graduate and post-graduate levels.

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